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Unlocking Instagram

You’ve probably heard about Instagram. It’s one of the Big Boppers in the social media world. If you’ve got kids of school age, they probably have an Instagram account, and love to share pictures and other information on the platform with their friends.

How big is it?  Instagram currently boasts more than 1 billion – with a B – users every month. On any given day, more than 400 million photos are uploaded. That’s big.

In recent years, Instagram has been working to monetize this audience, and make the platform more useful to businesses and marketers. If your company is already active on other social media platforms, you should definitely take a look at using Instagram to promote your business and its products.

Step One is setting up a business account. That’s relatively easy to do, and if you already have a personal Instagram account, you can click a few buttons and transform it into a business account. (Note: it’s also just as easy to transform your account back to a personal one, if you want).

Next, you should give some thought to the kinds of content you can produce. Instagram is mostly a visual medium: it works with photos, videos and images, more than words and copy. People post pictures of themselves doing everyday things. Businesses post photos and videos about their company, its products and services, and about their employees doing both business stuff and personal stuff.

Whatever content you decide to post, it should tell a story, inform and educate customers, be entertaining and invite feedback and engagement.

With a Business account on Instagram, you will get access to massive amounts of metrics and analytics about your audience and the engagement on your Instagram account.  Instagram is owned by Meta (Facebook) and thus has an almost limitless amount of data you can tap into.

So once you’ve been posting content for a while (we recommend at least six months), you will be able to see, in raw data terms, what works and what doesn’t.

You’ll see how many others are following your account, what kinds of images they respond to, reams of data about their demographics, and much more.

Using those metrics, you can construct an intelligent advertising program on Instagram. The ad creation process for Instagram is the same as the one for Facebook, so you will need to have a Facebook account as well.

Facebook/Instagram ads can be directed at very specific demographics and locations, geared toward a wide variety of interests, so if you know who your customers are, you can zero in on millions more like them.

For the best results, let Fuel Media’s advertising experts help you construct a workable plan for your company’s specific size and needs. We’ve been working in the digital marketing space for years, and we think we can save you a lot of time and effort.