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NXTLV Marine – Austin



Boating and Marina


47+ Years (Since 1974)


Austin, Texas


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NXTLV Marine – Austin, located in Austin, TX, offers new and pre-enjoyed boats for sale. They specialize in boats designed for wakeboarding, surfing, bay & fishing, cruising and relaxing. They represent boat models designed with families in mind, seeking quality time together on the water.

NXTLV Marine – Austin, provides a fully stocked marine parts and accessories department as well as an experienced, certified service team to handle their customers’ maintenance and repair needs.

“By the lake, where you need us. Since 1974.”

The Story of NXTLV Marine - Austin,

NXTLV Marine – Austin, is a 40 year family-owned and operated TOP 100 award winning (Boating Industry Magazine) boat dealership. NXTLV Marine – Austin is committed to helping their customers, employees and community experience the boating lifestyle. Sharing this lifestyle offers families time together for making life-long memories: it’s their passion.

NXTLV Marine – Austin, is a full-service boat dealership that:

● Provide recreational solutions to our area’s pleasure and fishing boat communities

● Put unrelenting emphasis on serving our community and it’s support organizations

● Strive to make satisfied customers, happy employees and prosperous owners

The Challenge

Our business, like the Internet, functions at the speed of light.

We are consistently in need of new email campaigns, social media updates and initiatives, and new landing pages to support new or existing marketing campaigns. So we needed a responsive company with the digital marketing expertise and the support staff to create these projects using the latest in technology, design and user experience.

In addition, we have an ecommerce function on our website and that means we frequently need updating for content, website page maintenance, fliers/coupons/print projects as well as in-house forms.

Why NXTLV Marine - Austin Chose Fuel Media

The Fuel Media Team is always quick to act. We shoot new ideas and needs at them almost weekly, and we know their team is there, prepared and quick to respond. They’ve set up an efficient process for our workflow, they keep us informed every step of the way and they resolve issues expediently.

Best of all, Fuel Media is responsive. They are open to our suggestions, they provide quick feedback and they help us take an idea and thoroughly develop it in a way that fits our business goals and objectives and is responsive to our customers.

The Results

Our website is fresh, exciting, inviting and easy to navigate. Our social media programs draw in new eyes to our product and service offerings. And the whole thing just works, day after day. Fuel Media has really helped us take our online marketing to the next level.

We wholeheartedly recommend Fuel Media for digital marketing, content creation, online tools and solutions. They’ve done a great job for us.

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