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Crystal Ball Time: The Future of Digital Marketing

Everyone knows that the only constant in the world of digital marketing is change. Nothing in this world stays the same forever, and trends and fads come into play at the speed of light. Keeping up can be dizzying.

Previous blogs have discussed the current state of digital marketing and what you should be thinking about right now.

This blog brings out the crystal ball and examines what marketing experts think you should be thinking about for the future. Which may be a few years from now, or may be next week!

1. Artificial intelligence-based marketing.  You’ve likely read about the trendy first attempts at using artificial intelligence: ChatGPT and other programs and apps that utilize the emulation of human intelligence in machines. The Gartner research firm says that the number of companies using some form of AI in their business has risen by 270 percent. That’s a pretty solid indication that this train is coming down the track, full steam ahead!

What does this mean for the future? Companies will be able to use these technologies (which will get more sophisticated and comprehensive) to automate some cognitive processes, to recognize trends and predict future ones, and otherwise assist in developing successful marketing strategies.

2. Virtual reality marketing.

Brands like Sephora and Ikea are already using VR technology to allow customers to see – in a visual representation – how their products would seem in real life. You can take an Ikea chair, change its color, and place it, visually, in your living room to see what it will be like. Expect this trend to take off like a rocket in the months and years to come.

3. Voice search marketing.

Out: typing in search terms on the Google page. In: speaking those search terms to a device.  The arrival of voice-driven assistants like Amazon Echo, Google Assistant and Siri were the harbingers of this technology, which is already growing in leaps and bounds. Voice search will likely become the most popular search method in the near future.

4. Machine learning.

If data-driven marketing and data analysis techniques are the current thing (and they are), the future will likely be dominated by machine learning marketing. This means using machines to swiftly and efficiently examine huge amounts of data almost instantly and without error. It means using your own customer data and comparing it with stored data from around the world, to compare and develop specialized marketing strategies. And, used in combination with Artificial Intelligence, it means being able to ask specific questions and get answers from all the data. 

Other future trends to think about:

Video content.  Stats show that marketers who use video content grow their sales 49% faster than those who don’t. 

Influencer marketing.  Already, some 57 percent of marketers (according to Hubspot), use influencers. 46% plan to increase their efforts and expenditures and 11% claim influencer marketing is their top ROI generator. 

Reaching Gen Z.   Out: marketing to the Baby Boom generation. In: finding ways to approach and attract Gen Z’ers. Gen Z and Millenials will be the new targets for digital marketers, who must develop responsive and tailored strategies for these cohorts.

Online events.  Seminars, classes, online lectures and more are instruments designed to increase customer engagement and interaction. These functions can serve as excellent ways to advertise, help develop customer profiles and increases the effectiveness of your marketing dollars.

What else does the future hold? Who knows!  But having an experienced, data-driven marketing company like Fuel Media on your side will certainly help you identify and approach your best customers in the most effective ways. Give us a call and let us help you reach your best future!